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ATMOFIZER eliminates (not captures) 99.99% of airborne bacteria and viruses in the air, including smaller viruses than SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

ATMOFIZER does not need costly filters or dangerous chemicals to work. These devices are small and silent (only 43 db – like a fridge) and the lowest power consumption, making it the most economic and sustainable air purifier in the world.


ATMOFIZER’s worldwide patented, disruptive air purifier technology is the FIRST & ONLY air purification system that works with ultrasonic agglomeration and safe UVC radiation.

The unique ATMOFIZER filterless technology is the ONLY air purifier in the world that is highly effective with particles between 1-100 nm without using toxic chemicals or producing dangerous byproducts. It neutralizes deadly UFPs (ultra-fine particles) like industrial pollutants or vehicle fumes completely.

USA Rapid Test in the News

Customized Protocols • See How it Works

Oral Rinse PCR

PCR Tests detect even very small amounts of viral genetic material (RNA). This method uses salivary sample as definitive test in laboratory and approved for work return or travel okay.

Rapid Antigen Test

Antigen Tests detect the infection by presence of viral proteins. This test usually provides results closer to exposure and faster than molecular tests. (Only 10-min.)

Rapid Antibody Test

Antibody tests detect the body’s immune response to the virus (including some vaccines). The IgM indicates that response while IgG registers COVID immunity.

Everything you need for peace of mind, combined together.

My Protect Kit helps protect your well-being, with convenience. Your personal pocket-sized PPE on-the-go, for travel, events, shopping, etc. Our products are all certified, assembled in an FDA Approved facility and made to be affordable. Multiple configurations create options for everyone’s individual needs. Inside your re-sealable kit you’ll find a 3-ply mask, sanitizer gel, sanitizing wipes and some include a pair of nitrile gloves, a thermometer and even a home COVID test.


A few other things in stock…

With Personal Protective Equipment becoming a necessity for every environment, not just healthcare facilities, we developed relationships with Made in the USA manufacturers of high quality products.



EPA N-list Appoved product which is Certified to kill COVID-19. Hospital grade germicidal disinfectant wipe that cleans and deodorizes on hard, non-porous inanimate surfaces. Canisters available in 80 or 160 count.



Disinfectant for general cleaning that quickly removes dirt, grime, food residue, blood and other organic matter commonly found on medical surfaces of hospitals and other healthcare facilities.  Available in 32oz bottles or by the Gallon, 5gal, 55gal drums.



Sanitizer is used to reduce or eliminate pathogenic agents (such as bacteria) on surfaces. We distribute 70% Ethyl Alcohol Gel in 2oz bottles, 4oz, 8oz, 1 gal up to 275gal containers.



Chemo level, Surgical, Nitrile gloves in 100 count per boxes from various brands or Production Deals.



N-95 specification Surgical Masks, manufacturer direct Production Deals or Honeywell DC-365 (comparable to 3M-1860)



FDA Approved, Non-permeable, Surgical Gowns with Surplus spot-buys to Production Capacity.

Client testimonials

We do this to help you, your family, your company remain safe and free of fear. Our nationwide network of clients have raved about our simple, fast, accurate tests. We would love you to share your success too.

Our employees felt much better knowing they were in a safe environment and that we cared about their well-being by testing all the staff. Thus, productivity increased!

Lynette B.

What I liked about the tests is the speed and of results and simplicity of administering; along with knowing they’re manufactured in the US. That’s peace of mind for quality.

Dr. Brett

Our Leadership Team

Our purpose is to help.  We are committed to getting America back to work, safely.  From retail shops, to restaurants, hospitality, manufacturing, sports venues, and wellness centers – your business is our priority.

Monica Agami


Our CEO is a successful business woman who owns a Certified Financial Planning firm that she built internationally. Now she’s added helping her peers get back to work safely.

Sunny Jensen


Our CFO is a seasoned executive with an educator background so creates stability for our organization by ensuring we deliver the highest quality service and products.

David Lee Jensen


Our President is a 2-time Bestselling Author, Fortune 50 speaker, and entrepreneur who impacts this venture with the purpose to help recover our nation’s productivity.

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